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AHD / Scala Calipers - Including Digital Vernier Calipers and Engineers Vernier Calipers

AHD / Scala - Calipers

Based in Neuffen, Germany, Scala supply a wide range of high quality workshop calipers up to 2m in length, including Digital Vernier Calipers, Engineers Pocket Vernier Caliper Gauges, General Purpose Pocket Vernier Caliper Gauges, Brass Slide Calipers and Vernier Depth Gauges.

AHD also supply a range of calipers including Spring Dividers and Calipers, Firm Joint Dividers and Calipers, Flat Leg Spring Dividers and Calipers and Hermaphrodite Calipers.

AHD / Scala Calipers

View AHD / Scala Calipers

View AHD / Scala Gauges and Squares